SEMA Reseller Tutorial – Maximizing SEMA Data Subscribers and Premium Packages Introduction

Welcome to the SEMA Reseller Tutorial, where we’ll dive into the valuable features offered to SEMA Data Subscribers and explore three premium packages: ACES, UIUX, and Productivity. Whether you are looking to enhance your product data management, improve user experience, or boost productivity, SEMA has you covered.

SEMA Data Subscribers Features

  • In-System Notifications and Grid-Column Update

    Stay informed with real-time notifications within the system, keeping you updated on crucial changes. The grid-column update feature ensures that your data display is always accurate and reflects the latest information.
  • High SKU Count Import Speed Improvements

    Experience enhanced efficiency with improved import speeds, allowing you to handle a higher SKU count without compromising performance.
  • SKU Number without Brand ID Toggle Option

    Customize your data view by toggling the SKU number without the Brand ID, providing flexibility in how you manage and analyze your product information.
  • Year-Make-Model Search Bar Widget

    For Shopify and BigCommerce users (already available for WooCommerce), access a user-friendly Year-Make-Model search bar widget, simplifying the product search process.
  • Error Report Download

    Easily identify and rectify issues with a downloadable error report, ensuring the accuracy of your product data.
  • Import Continuation

    Enjoy a seamless import experience with the import continuation feature, allowing you to pick up where you left off in case of interruptions.
  • Simple/Advanced Part Update Toggle

    Choose between a Simple or Advanced part update, tailoring your update preferences for faster or more comprehensive updates.

Premium Packages

  • ACES Package – $20

    Fitment Notes on Product Detail Page: Provide detailed fitment information to customers directly on the product detail page. Product Attribute Filter Management: Easily manage and customize product attribute filters for efficient categorization.
  • UIUX Package – $25

    Sub Model with Engine Size Search: Enhance the search experience with sub-model and engine size options. Brand Landing Page with Menu Options & Parameters: Create a visually appealing brand landing page with customizable menu options and parameters.
  • Productivity Package – $20

    Net Product Add & Update: Streamline the process of adding and updating products to save time and resources. Quick Deactivation of Discontinued or Deleted Products: Efficiently manage your inventory by swiftly deactivating discontinued or deleted products.

Getting Started

  • SEMA Data Subscription:

    Ensure you are a SEMA Data Subscriber to unlock the full potential of these features.
  • Explore Features:

    Familiarize yourself with the SEMA Data Subscribers features and understand how they can benefit your business.
  • Upgrade to Premium Packages:

    Consider upgrading to the ACES, UIUX, or Productivity package based on your business needs.
  • Optimize Your Workflow:

    Implement these features and packages to optimize your product data management, user experience, and overall productivity.
  • By leveraging SEMA Data Subscribers and these premium packages,

    you’re equipping your business with powerful tools to thrive in the automotive aftermarket. If you have any questions or need assistance, SEMA’s support team is ready to help.