Quiet Tape Shop Roll – One 1inx20’x1mm Single Side Foam Tape ea

Code: FGSS-30300

Quiet Tape Shop Roll contains one 1 in. x 20 ft. soft pliable foam tape roll great for taping wires, harnesses and closing gaps on trim panels. Thousands of uses for this Re usable single sided tape.

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HushMat Quiet Tape is a single sided tape designed to adhere to fabrics, headliner, plastics and metal with no bleed through. Quiet Tape is also reusable.

Additional Attributes:

GTIN: 00881101303005
Adhesion Characteristics: Rated from -40 to 300 Degrees F. When subjected to a 90 degree peel at a rate of 12 in/min (300 mm/min), the material has strength greater than 5 lbs (22.2 N) after the following: 5 min dwell, 2 weeks at 70 C, 2 weeks 100% relative humidity 37.8 C, 3 week environmental cycle
Color: Elastomer – Dark Brown; Films – Release coated paper
Dead Load: The material will show no evidence of saggin or pulling away from panel when a 34 gram weight is attached to (25 x 150 mm) strip with the assembly hanging vertically for 24 hours.
Flammability: F/C MVSS 302
Flexibility/Conformability: The material will remain flexible and conformable at temperatures as low as -30 degrees C
Mold Resistance: No odor or mold development was evident after 2 weeks at 100% relative humidity/37.8 C minimum
Performance Requirements: The material remains tacky, shall not harden appreciably, no leach oils, and shall have good adhesion to fabrics and primed, lacquered, and trim adhesive sprayed surfaces. Tape strip will not stretch or have laminate separate upon removal of release paper.
Repositionability: The material can be repositioned and reused multiple times and still meet above adhesion characteristics.
Safety: Quiet Tape is not considered a hazardous material
Shelf Life: 12 months at 35 degrees C minimum
Solid Content: 98% minimum by weight
Specific Gravity: .45 typical
Stain/Transfer Resistance: Under normal operating conditions, this material will not stain or transfer when put in contact with other trim shop materials.

Extened Information:

Emissions : Released
Life Cycle Status: Available To Order


Quantity of Each: 1
Package UOM: EA



Additional information

Weight 4.8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in


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